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(SP) Surf Protection
"We Secure People, Data, & Technology"
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     Surf Protection Business has (2) service options available: Hourly, & Pre-Paid.


Hours Rate Pre-Paid Contract*
hourly $100 N\A
10 $90 $900
25 $85 $2,125
50 $80 $4,000

      Surf Protection Home has (3) options available: Monthly, Yearly, & One-Time.


Surf Protection Club:

In-Home, Remote, & Phone Support for PC's, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, wireless TV's

Tech Support
Virus Removal
Full Diagnostics
Wireless Setup
System Maintenance   
Hardware & Memory installs
OS\Software installs & repairs

6 - Mos $150

1 - Year $250

2 - Year $450

SP Data Backup or Transfer

Create a data backup and recovery procedure to ensure you won't lose your photos, music or other important files in case of system failure



             SP Diagnostic & Repair

Troubleshoot/Repair Windows Network, & Printer connection related issues. Spyware
and Viruses Removal
and Installation of
critical updates



            SP Security Management       

System Hardening
Install firewall software
Install Anti-Spyware software
Install Anti-Adware software
Install system update/software
3rd party applications updates
Wireless Security
Mobile Security


*Pre-paid hours do not expire for 5 years. Remote Support, billed in 15min. increments & onsite billed at minimum of 1/2 hour.nimum of 1/2 hour.

Security = People + Process + Technology

Be Accountable. Be Reliable. Be Surf Protectable.

Call: (319) 450-5174    Email:

(SP) Surf Protection
"We Secure People, Data, & Technology"