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(SP) Surf Protection
"We Secure People, Data, & Technology"
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    WHO WE ARE -

   Surf Protection has a strong established history of leadership in IT. We have covered
   all positions that are both broad (covering many aspects of IT), and deep (covering
   them in great detail). 

   At Surf Protection, we are realistic and developed ourselves around the information
   security & information assurance niche'. With focused programs, and a specific targeted
   approach, we intend to provide a high-value to our community with our wealth of
   knowledge, which will be used to aid in business resiliency against online threats and
   online criminal activity.

   Reliance on data, and information systems that holds that data, is important for
   business functionality; extreme consequences exists from breaches in data integrity,
   reliability, & security. Security threats both internal and    external, secure applications,
   services, and equipment are all considered to assure data security and accuracy.


   Surf Protection expects to become a viable and feasible complementary computer and
   network assurance service, with the objective of making people and businesses more
   resilient to malicious software, system failures, data loss due to accidental or
   malicious intent. Surf Protection will position itself as an educational resource for
   individuals and organizations wishing to learn about the benefits and the pitfalls the
   Internet has to offer.


   To ensure client confidence that information systems will be hardened to protect users,
   systems, and data. Also, assuring the availability of those systems and your data to be
   used by legitimate users when needed.



    Marques Nicholas Brathwaite - (Owner & CEO of Surf Protection)

   Marques has more than a decade of experience building strong IT security teams. He
   understands his role as the face of IT Security and that role requires him to present
   the highest standard of creditability & integrity to his peers and the organization.
   "Data is the foundation. By having people think about digital security as they would
   their wallets, purses, homes, & vehicles we can better equip today's society for future
   data protection risks."

   Marques holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Mount Mercy University,
   (formerly Mount Mercy College), coupled with a Master's Certificate in Information
   Assurance, from Iowa State University. Marques is also recognized as an Information
   Systems Security Professional, and Systems Administrator for meeting NSTISSI No.
   4011 & CNSSI No.4013 for successfully completing the information assurance curriculum
   offered by the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center and satisfying the
   National Training Standards approved by the Committee on National Security Systems.
   He also holds vendor neutral and Microsoft certifications including: CompTIA A+,
   Network+, Security; Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Microsoft Certified
   Systems Administrator (MCSA:2003 Security).



We care about people, We share our knowledge,

We give great service, We love what we do!!

Call: (319) 450-5174    Email:

(SP) Surf Protection
"We Secure People, Data, & Technology"